Tara Sutaria vs Ananya Pandey: Who will win the race?

Tara Sutaria and Ananya Pandey. One of them will be the number one Diva. Alia Bhatt emerged from Studen of the year in 2012. Now either Tara or Ananya will emerge as the number one from Student of the year 2.

Tara and Ananya are 23 and 20 years old respectively. They are undoubtedly very young but it not early to rise at this age. Alia Bhatt also was 19 when she made debut in Student of the year in year 2012

Sridevi made her first breakthrough in Salva Sawan when she was just 17. At the age of 20, she was the superstar.

Madhuri Dixit made her debut at her 17. By the age of 20, she became the Diva.

Tara Sutaria has multiple talents. She is a singer, dancer and of course an actress. She is smart and very smart girl.

You may have seen her in Koffee with Karan. She is sweet humble and intelligent.

She is hot, very hot, and hotter than Alia Bhatt. Ranbir Kapoor may leave Alia for Tara.

Ananya Pandey also is very beautiful. She is the daughter of Chunkey Pandey. Ananya is getting some favors because of her father. Even before her entrance in Bollywood, she was an online sensation.

Ananya is working hard to get a great body by the help of the famous wellness coach, Yasmin Karachiwala.

Ananya Pandey is more beautiful than many other debutants. But she can hardly compete Tara Sutaria.

Tara is 5.6 feet tall, weight 56 kg and her figure measurement is 34-28-35. On the other hand, Ananya Pandey is 5 ft. 2 inches tall, weight 54 kg and body measurement is 33-26-33.

Tara is taller and more beautiful than Ananya. Tara is more talented than Ananya. But Ananya is a star kid. She also is a very good friend of Shahrukh Khans daughter Suhana.

Ananya Pandey is getting a lot of publicity probably because she has got a good communication manager.

Ananya Pandey could be successful in Bollywood without having good acting skills. Many star kids like Jhanvi Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan have no skills either.

Tara is, on the other hand, is very beautiful and talented. She will shine without parents help.

Tara Sutaria has a brighter future than Ananya