Disha Patani is not very overrated, she got talent, too

Disha Patani is not a Bollywood star kid like all Kapoor girls. She did not have any influential connection either. She has come on the peak on her own. She is not a great actress but not a lousy one.

Last year Disha Patani was the most popular actress in social media. She has overtaken Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone in popularity. She was the most searched actress on Google. She must have got something.

Many people say Disha Patani is a very overrated actress. She is not a Bollywood star kid, she does not have a family name “Kapoor”. We have not heard that she slept with any producer to get a break. How did she make her position in the industry?  Her beauty, affair with Tiger Shroff and some luck have made her famous.

A young Disha Patani came to Mumbai with only 500 rupees to be a star. It was “make or break” move she took. She participated in many TV commercial auditions. Thank God, she could make money for house rents. Otherwise, she would have to return home and would not see one of the gorgeous stars.

She did well in MS Dhoni but delivered lousy performance in Kungfu Yoga. Disha Patani won the 2016 Screen Award for the Best Female Debut in  2016  and  the Stardust Award for Best Female  Acting Debut in the same year. It is obvious that Disha performed very well in MS Dhoni but failed to act with same level in her next movies.

She had to struggle a lot in the beginning. She was rejected her role in Baghi and Heropanthi. She did not make so many movies. She has been the most popular actress by any measure.

In my opinion, she is not very good actress but not a lousy actress either. She is extraordinary beautiful. She has a perfect body size of 34-25-34 Inches. She is tall and curvy. She has the most amazing  smile. She is perfect fit I Bikini.

Even she is not a great actress but her presence make a very good impression. A perfect beautiful body is very significant in the industry.

Many former Miss India and Miss world came to Bollywood because of their beauty. None of them is a great actress.

Anyway, Disha may not get big competition from an established actress like Deepika and Alia. But she will get strong competition from Kiara Advani. In fact, Kiara is already challenging place.