Priyanka Chopra’s marriage is hanging on by a thin thread

Priyanka Chopra is trying hard to give her marriage a positive meaning. She refers to Nick Jonas and says that it is good to know that there is someone is always on her team. Whatever happens, someone will be beside her. She says marriage is safe and consistent.

In India there is a proverb that a person sings loudly when he is afraid of ghosts in a scary place. We see, people posts more and more romantic photos on Facebook when their relationship is in trouble.

I think, Priyanka is feeling insecure in her marriage and that’s why she is trying to stress that her marriage is safe.

There were rumor some months ago that Priyanka and Nick are heading for divorce. They denied the rumor.

I believe a part of the rumor is true  that they cannot agree in anything. They argue about everything. It is normal when an Indian girl marry a Western man. This kind of mixed couple can seldom have lasting relationship.

They have just married and spent a huge money on wedding. The whole world have followed their marriage. They would not end the marriage even they have problems.

Not only the cross-cultural differences, they also have big age difference.

I am worried that Nick Jonas is suffering from severe Diabetics type 1. This type of diabetics needs constant care. In the long run it cause sexual dysfunction. Lets see how things shape in near future.

I have doubt if they have a long lasting marriage

Obaidul Karim Khan

I am a Bollywood enthusiastic. I have followed all about Bollywood for four decades. I make analysis about the success and failures of Bollywood celebrities.

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