Zeenat Aman: What caused the scar on her eye?

Zeenat Aman. Scar on her left eye

In the 70s and early 80s, Zeenat Aman was a trendsetter. She was the most deserved lady in India. She was a beauty queen. Several polls conducted in her time revealed she was the hottest girl at that time.

Now she is 67. She has a visible scar on her left eye. She tried to hide it using sunglass. How did she get the scar? Was it an accident? No. She was beaten up.

This beauty queen fought villains in movies but in real life, she was very naïve and weak.

She could have married any wealthy man in India. But she married Sanjay Khan who was married and father of three children. In fact, there was doubt if they could be legally married.

The most terrible thing in her life happened in early 1980.

Sanjay used to beat Zeenat Aman often. Once she went to meet Sanjay at a party in the hotel Taz.

Sanjay took Zeenat into the adjoining room that had a connecting door. Everyone who joined the party saw him talking to that room but they were silent.

 As soon as he entered the room started behaving like a beast. He did not give Zeenat any chance to speak. He shouted using all local vulgar and started beating her brutally. She accused her to sleep with her brother Feroz Khan and was beating her more fiercely. Sanjay lifted her by the neck and flung her out. Flory

He kicked her and she fell down on the floor. He took her hair and hit her head forcefully. Her hairdresser tried to rescue her. Then his wife Zarine Khan entered the room. She joined her husband to beat her.

She was admitted in a hospital for 8 days. It is believed that Zeenat got the scar permanently after this beating.

In the end, her hairdresser somehow rescued her and took her out. Zeenat was bleeding but no man helped her

Zeenat never reported the incident to the police. She said, that she loved the man. She would not do him any harm despite she was brutally tortured.

Her second husband Mazhar Khan was not any better. He was an alcoholic and physically abused her. When Zeenat Aman was pregnant Mazhar used to sleep with other women.

He beat her up when she protested. Sometimes he tortured her so much that she was treated at hospitals.

Some people believed that it was Mazhar who caused the scar. Because they did not see the scar before she was married to Mazhar.

The girl who was crowned Miss Pacific had so so much tragic life