Who is more beautiful between Disha Patani and Kiara Advani?

“It’s wrong to say that I am jealous or insecure of Disha Patani” said Kiara Advani while making MS Dhoni biopic, wrote Hindustan Times.

She refused reports of being upset with the makers of MS Dhoni’s biopic over competition with co-star Disha Patani

Neither Kiara nor Disha admits that there is any jealousy or competion but there has been always a cold war between them.

Fans of Disha Patani claim that Disha Papati is the most beautiful while fans of Kiara supports their actress. Let us find out who is more beutidul

Disha Patani is 5’’7, taller than Kiara Advani who is 5’’5. But Kiara is 55 Kg, heavier than Disha.

Kiara Advani

Disha has body measurement is 34-25-34. Kiara has body size 33-26-33.

Disha is skinny maybe a little bit more skinny.

Kiara has a little better body form than Kiara.

Disha is more famous than Kiar. Disha is more known than Kiara. She has come in limelight much more than Kiara.

Disha Patani

People have just assumptions that Disha is more beautiful because of her photos have been in media too much. Her bikini photos were everywhere.

Kiara did not get so much publicity.

If you look at both girls closely side by side, you find both are beautiful and glamorous